Our Church

Riverside Presbyterian Church: A Movement for Reconciliation

Why a Movement for Reconciliation? 

2 Cor. 5:19 “In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself… and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.” 

The word reconciliation may sound like a theological term but it is also grounded in economics. To “reconcile the books” means to balance them, to square them. It means to bring all the factors back together in balance. The same is true with what God has done for us in Christ - “all this is from God who ‘reconciled’ us to himself.” Now that we are reconciled with God, our ministry, our mission, our purpose is to become people who work toward reconciliation with our neighbors and even within ourselves. In this world, there are a gazillion places that need reconciling -- like politics, guilt, shame, conflict, division, tribalism, regret, violence, grief, forgiveness -- the list is legion. So, this is why the Session and the staff at Riverside have adopted as our mission statement “Riverside: A Movement For Reconciliation”. From now on everything we do will be with this single purpose mission in mind. We will continue to unpack what this means more particularly for Riverside and for each of us as we go forward. For now, just make a list in your life of all the people and places that you and we need reconciling. Naming them is the first step, bringing them to church is the second.

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Everyone is welcome at Riverside Presbyterian Church.  No matter your age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or

physical ability, marital status, economic status, differences of thought or belief, you are welcome here because you are a child of God.

Our values: 

"Searching Thoughtfully, Serving Passionately, Living Joyfully, Following Christ."

We commit to faithfully living out this mission through:

Fellowship and Community Life - Sharing the love of Christ and building community with one another

Stewardship & Administration - Cherishing, sustaining, & enhancing the resources God has entrusted to us.

Worship - Glorifying God through reverent, creative, and imaginative worship

Education - Seeking thoughtfully to know, trust and embody the transforming love of Jesus Christ

Outreach - Preparing people to serve and love others in Jesus' name

Affiliations - Riverside Presbyterian Church is a PC(USA) congregation. Learn more at PCUSA.org

We are a Matthew 25 congregation.  Read more about our work as a Matthew 25 congregation here

Riverside's History

In 1907, a Sabbath school was organized in the Riverside district, meeting in various homes and growing in enthusiasm from year to year. In 1909, an evangelistic tent meeting was held on Park Street. From the inspiration of this meeting, the guidance of God's Holy Spirit, and the already established Sabbath school, Riverside Presbyterian Church was born.

Today, Riverside is an exciting and active church known by its committed service to the local and global community as well as for standing up for and beside those whose voices go unheard. Though Riverside is deeply connected with the world of today, it has maintained its traditional approach to worship and music, creating a beautiful balance for spiritual growth in an ever-demanding and chaotic society.