The Hidden Life: Awakened

Wednesdays from 10:00 am-11:15 am in the Church Library

Taught by Rev. Steve Goyer with assistance of co-author Kitty Crenshaw

October 3- November 7

This is a study for men and women of " The Hidden Life: Awakened," the remarkable life and spiritual journey of Betty Skinner by Kitty Crenshaw and Cathy Snapp, PhD. "When Betty Skinner was 42, her doctor told her, 'You have a hole in your soul.'" In the fifty years that followed, Betty, clinging only to her faith and a glimmer of hope, journeyed from desperate clinical depression to wholeness and profound wisdom-well before anti-depressants and mindfulness were mainstream. Emerging science now affirms that the organic path Betty traveled has the power to heal the broken body, mind and spirit. By changing her thought patterns, she changed her life. With utter vulnerability and the beautiful view of hindsight, she reaches back with joy to offer her spiritual friendship and powerful encouragement to those of us still struggling on our own journey to higher places. This class will consist of discussion of the book (along with videos) as it relates to God spiritually, theologically and biblically. Taught by Steve Goyer with assistance of co-author Kitty Crenshaw.