Adult Sunday School

Sundays 9:30-10:15

RPC is planning to begin Sunday School classes on August 29. 

As we monitor our local Covid cases, we will make appropriate changes to keep everyone safe. 

Read the May 18, 2021 Covid Update here

  • What Does it Mean to Be a Matthew 25 Congregation?

    Education Building: Thompson Parlor / Hybrid Class    Click Here for Zoom Link

    August 29 and September 5

    Taught by Rev. Dr. Brian Lays and Rev. Dr. Holly Inglis

    Riverside Presbyterian is a Matthew 25 congregation. What does that mean? 

    On August 29, Rev. Brian Lays will take a deep look into this scripture and consider how these verses our relevant to our congregation. On September 5, Rev. Dr. Holly Inglis, Ministry and Mission Coordinator at St. Augustine Presbytery, will lead a discussion about what it means to be a Matthew 25 congregation and how Riverside Presbyterian might embrace the tenants of this program.

  • Exodus: The Founding of a Nation

    Education Building: Room 312 / Hybrid Class    Click Here for Zoom Link

    Beginning August 29

    Taught by Rev. Dr. John Ragsdale and Ed Pratt Dannals

    The Book of Exodus tells the story of an enslaved people who find, through God, liberation and go on to build a nation founded on politics of community and principles of social justice.  Surrounded by far more powerful empires, the Israelites under Moses chart a different course, unique in the world at the time.  In our present time, when the principles of American democracy seem to be flying apart, what can we learn from the stories of Exodus?

  • The Bridge Class

    Education Building: Room 302/303

    Beginning August 29

    This ongoing class of mainly young and middle-age adults meet weekly and rotate through Bible studies and topical studies. 

  • Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life: 7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth 

    Williams Building: 2nd Floor Conference Room

    Beginning Date TBD

    Discussion Leader: Mary Ellen Drushal

    We've been educated & trained, chosen our life's path, and now we can ponder the legacy we will leave to others, whether we are hale or frail.  The authors of the book by the same title, Thibault and Morgan, are 65 (a gerontologist) and 83 (a teacher living in a retirement community) as they share their perspectives and wisdom on aging. Come join us to discuss your views related to theirs.