Organ Update

Progress on our new Colby pipe organ is happening rapidly. There are issues that need to be addressed before the pipes and instrument are installed. Ceilings, walls and pipe chambers have been painted. The floors of the Chancel, steps and front of the Sanctuary will soon be refinished.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • June 18 - Colby Company begins installation of the organ.
  • August - The entire month is for the tuning and voicing of the organ.
  • September 9 - The first Sunday the organ can be used in worship.
  • October 28 - Worship Celebration Service! Massed choirs and instrumentalists. This will include a mini-concert by Lois Gurney and a new work composed and played by Andy Clarke.
  • February 10, 2019 - Inaugural concert by internationally famous concert organist, Chelsea Chen.

We thank the congregation for its patience and interest through the process of obtaining a new instrument which will be used to the glory of God at Riverside Presbyterian Church.