Created by God: Faith and Sexuality

Facilitated by Rev. Bill Hoff, Emily Heeg, Breanna Sooter and guest speakers

February 4 and 11, March 4 and 11

A two part series for parents, youth and children

Part 1 for parents only: February 4 and 11, 9:30-10:30 am

This class is a 2-part series. Recognizing and affirming that parents are the primary educators of children, the first part is for parents only. These 2 classes will lay the framework for what will be offered to children, youth and parents during the March sessions. We will present a broad course outline, discuss parents' questions, concerns and suggestions, and share helpful resources. Parents will be encouraged to decide how or even if their children should participate in the March sessions.

Part 2 for Children, Youth and Parents: March 4 and 11, 5-7 pm

The second part of this series will be for children, youth and parents. After dinner in Bittinger Hall, children and youth will be divided into three groups. Parents will be able to choose which group their child attends. One group will be geared toward elementary ages (parents attend this class with their child), one toward middle school and the last toward high school. There will also be separate workshops offered for the parents of youth in the middle school and high school class.