Short-Term Adult Classes

Sundays 9:30-10:30 am

Education Building Room 302/303

May 5-19

The Drama Triangle: A Tool to Strengthen Relationships

Taught by Rev. Steve Goyer and Ted Powell

RPC's Mission: A Movement for Reconciliation inspires healthy, loving relationships with God, self and others. In this 3-part series, we use practical tools to promote mature, loving and supportive relationships with people in our personal and professional lives. Utilizing Steven Karpman's "Drama Triangle", you will learn to:

  • Avoid rescuing people when they really need coaching
  • Move from being a victim of adverse circumstances to reclaiming your God-given power to overcome unhealthy conflict with others
  • Challenge people in a loving way without becoming a persecutor

Be prepared to explore and strengthen the relationships in your life through brief lectures and small group discussions.

Ongoing Adult Sunday School

Sundays 9:30-10:30 am

Herb Underwood Class

Education Building: Thompson Parlor

Teachers: Clay Boone

This is a friendly and welcoming adult Bible study that meets throughout the year and follows the International Sunday School Lessons.

The Bridge Class

Education Building: Library

Teacher: Shared Leadership

The Bridge class is a group of younger and middle-aged adults that focus on discussion and fellowship through book studies and Bible studies throughout the year. 

Pratt-Dannals/Ragsdale Bible Study

Williams Building: Second Floor Library

Teacher/Dr. Ed Pratt Dannals and Rev. John Ragsdale

This ongoing Bible study covers different books and stories of the Bible throughout the year. 


Holy Grounds-Bittinger Hall

If you just need a place to have some great coffee and join others in casual conversation and fellowship, please join us in Bittinger during the Sunday School hour.



Education Building: Room 312

Facilitator: Nancy Splane

Both experienced meditators and beginners are welcome. Come weekly or drop in - as in the meditation, nothing is expected or required.