Ongoing Adult Sunday School

Herb Underwood Class

Education Building: Thompson Parlor

Teachers: Joe Meux

This is a friendly and welcoming adult Bible study that meets throughout the year and follows the International Sunday School Lessons.

The Bridge Class

Education Building: Library

Teacher: Shared Leadership

The Bridge class is a group of younger and middle-aged adults that focus on discussion and fellowship through book studies and Bible studies throughout the year.

Ed Pratt-Dannals Bible Study

Williams Building: Second Floor Library

Teacher/Dr. Ed Pratt Dannals

Ed will be leading this class through a study of Genesis from creation to Abraham.


Dissecting Poverty

Teachers: Vicky Watkins

Williams Building: Second Floor Music Room

This class began last year studying the issues of poverty in Jacksonville.  After considering various aspects, the class will focus on the issue of the lack of affordable housing, the number 1 cause of poverty.   The class will meet off and on throughout the academic year and will include guest speakers, videos as well as general discussion.  Look for specific announcements in church communications.


Holy Grounds-Bittinger Hall

If you just need a place to have some great coffee and join others in casual conversation and fellowship, please join us in Bittinger during the Sunday School hour.



Education Building: Room 312

Facilitator: Nancy Splane

Both experienced meditators and beginners are welcome. Come weekly or drop in - as in the meditation, nothing is expected or required.


Short-Term Adult Classes

Education Building Room 302/303

September 3- 24

A Movement For Reconciliation

Teacher: Rev. Dr. Steve Goyer

In our unhealthy culture of partisanship, division and tribalism, we are even more called as Christians to be reconcilers. To reconcile something is to bring back together; to reconnect. This class will look at the powerful work of God culminating on the Cross to reconcile with us as the Bible bears witness. We will look at where in the world and in our world we stand in need of reconciling with our neighbors. We will also look more deeply at maybe the hardest part of all: to reconnect the broken and divided parts of ourselves and our lives that long for reconciling.  


October 1

To Fool the Rain: A Haiti Experience

Teacher: Steve Werlin

Steve Werlin is the author of the book, To Fool the Rain.  He has worked for years with Fonkoze, our partner in Haiti.  Steve is an excellent speaker and you will hear stories of the success of the wonderful programs Fonkoze provides for women who otherwise would live miserable lives. Come, and hear what you can do.


October 8-22

Home Sweet Home

Participants from the Dissecting Poverty Sunday School class studied the issue of poverty all last year. Members of the class, as well as guest speakers will share some of what they discovered with a specific focus on safe and affordable housing in Jacksonville. The group has realized that without appropriate housing the general poverty issue is exacerbated and so these weeks will be dedicated to …did you know…and hopefully….what might you (we) do?


October 29

Top 10 Things to do to Make Your Yard Wildlife Friendly

Teacher: Lisa Williams

Did you know Florida has the third highest diversity of plants and animals in the country? But that diversity and productivity is being threatened by rampant development.  This program will explore of techniques we can employ to mitigate disruptions by making our yards Florida Friendly for plants and animals.  We will look at ways to create yards that provide ecosystem services but are also visibly appealing. The birds, bees and other wildlife you will attract will be your reward. 


November 5-19

Living Reconciled

Teacher: Rev. Lou Lothman

Louis R. Lothman, Th.D., has served as Director of Pastoral Counseling Services from 1996 till 2016. Lou is a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a Clinical Member in The American Association for Marital and Family Therapy. Lou will spend time with the class discussing pursuing just and peaceful relations with God, self, and others.


November 26-December 17

Advent Series- The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem

Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, in Leawood, Kansas guides the class through the journey leading up to Jesus’ birth. In short DVD sections, Hamilton visits the Holy Land and retraces the steps of Mary, Joseph and others culminating in the events around Jesus’ birth.