Short-Term Adult Classes

Sundays 9:30-10:30 am

Education Building Room 302/303

March 10, 17 and 24

A Witness to the Resurrection: 

An Intentional Passing Over

Rev. Steve Goyer, Rev. Bill Hoff and Rev. Carol DiGiusto

The prospect of facing the end of life-our own or a loved one's-gives rise to many important and sometimes difficult questions about prolonging life, medical options and palliative care. And then there are the final arrangements to be made and perhaps a memorial service to be planned. It is helpful to us and our families for us to have prepared in advance for these inevitabilities. The community of faith can be a valuable resource in our thinking and decision-making. This three-week class will provide an opportunity to consider the decisions that may affect our living well at the end of life and appropriately celebrating the life that is now with God. 

March 31

Is Haiti Hopeless?

Mable Valdivia, Executive Director of Fonkonze USA

Not according to Fonkoze, which is providing the tools for women to lift their families out of poverty in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Mabel Valdivia will share stories of hope and visions of the future. 

March 31 and April 7

New Member Class

Rev. Steve Goyer

Are you interested in learning more about Riverside Presbyterian Church and possibly becoming a member? Please join us for this class in Steve's office.

April 7

Summer Screen Time and More

Erin Bailey of The Social Family

Parents and guardians - come discover all the positive ways your children can use screen time every day. Make a plan to both limit summer screen time and encourage their best ideas. 

April 14

Online Safety for Grandparents

Erin Bailey of The Social Family

Erin Bailey will introduce ways to protect yourself from identity theft and from common problems on social media.

Special Elective Opportunity

Williams Building 2nd Floor Music Room

February 10-April 21

The Journey through the Life of Jesus presented by Andy Stanley

Taught by Ben McDonald

Rev. Andy Stanley presents the story of Jesus from the day Jesus stepped into history as an adult on the banks of the Jordan River to the morning his grave was discovered empty. This series presents how Jesus came to introduce something new for the world. Each Sunday we will watch a 30-minute video segment and the open up for discussion. Bring your questions, doubts, ideas and reexamine well know versus from a fresh perspective.

Short-term Women's Bible Study

Williams Building 2nd Floor Conference Room

March 3-March 31

Keys to Triumphant Living: 

Studies from the book of Ephesians

Taught by Janie Jones

This 5-week Bible study is open to all women. One short term women's Bible study is typically offered each fall and spring. Join this group of women as they study the book of Ephesians.

Ongoing Adult Sunday School

Sundays 9:30-10:30 am

Herb Underwood Class

Education Building: Thompson Parlor

Teachers: Clay Boone

This is a friendly and welcoming adult Bible study that meets throughout the year and follows the International Sunday School Lessons.

The Bridge Class

Education Building: Library

Teacher: Shared Leadership

The Bridge class is a group of younger and middle-aged adults that focus on discussion and fellowship through book studies and Bible studies throughout the year. 

Pratt-Dannals/Ragsdale Bible Study

Williams Building: Second Floor Library

Teacher/Dr. Ed Pratt Dannals and Rev. John Ragsdale

This ongoing Bible study covers different books and stories of the Bible throughout the year. 


Holy Grounds-Bittinger Hall

If you just need a place to have some great coffee and join others in casual conversation and fellowship, please join us in Bittinger during the Sunday School hour.



Education Building: Room 312

Facilitator: Nancy Splane

Both experienced meditators and beginners are welcome. Come weekly or drop in - as in the meditation, nothing is expected or required.