Support the work of Fonkoze

Help for Haiti Through Fonkoze

Imagine that you live every day, every year in a place of profound scarcity, where basic products, services and opportunities are usually beyond reach, where survival may depend on the kindness of your neighbors. This is life for the poorest of the poor in Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere. Fonkoze, the largest micro-finance organization in Haiti, has created a stairstep program out of deep poverty. As we are indeed Haiti’s neighbors, our Global Outreach Committee and Session are once again calling on Riversiders to join our campaign to raise $12,500 by June 20th to fund the life-changing work of Fonkoze. This will be matched 1:1 by an RPC benefactor! We can have a $25,000 impact to change lives in Haiti! Your gift of any amount will make a real difference there. Thank you!


Give online at HERE and change the “Fund” to “Hope for Haiti”