At-Home Resources

RPC Connect is a new initiative that encourages members and friends to connect and reconnect with each other. 

We know faith development for children, youth and adults occurs primarily in the home. 

On this page, we highlight some resources that we believe will help RPC members and families on their faith journeys.

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Monthly Resource Pick

Each month a member of the Riverside staff chooses a resource that will encourage members and friends in their faith.  This month Emily Heeg chose The Bible Project. 


Click here to check out The Bible Project

7 Prayers for Uncertain Times

by Kate Bowler

Kate Bowler offers 7 prayers that offer comfort and insight for uncertain times. 

When I have run out of words

When I feel all alone

When I am running on fumes

When I feel anxious

When I need just a minute

When I can't sleep

Click here for these prayers