NEW: RPC Connect

RPC Connect is a new initiative that encourages members and friends to connect with each other.

You can explore ways to connect at RPC by looking at what we offer either in person or online.

Connect In Person   Connect Online

In addition:

1. Between now and the beginning of Lent, we will offer a weekly challenge to foster one-on-one connections. (see below)

2. Throughout Lent, we will encourage participation in Lenten small groups for study and prayer. 

3. After Easter, weather and pandemic permitting, we will arrange church-wide fellowship opportunities to allow us to connect as a congregation. 

Sign Up for a 5-Week Lenten Small Group

 Sun 9:30 am at Brew    Wed 7 pm Ortega    Wed 7 pm Zoom

Thur 10:30 am RPC          Fri 10 am RPC

This Week's Connection Challenge (week of February 27)

Invite someone to attend Worship with you next Sunday, March 6

Past Challenges

This Week's Connection Challenge (week of February 20) 

Let an RPC member/visitor know what you appreciate about them.

Connection Challenge (week of February 13)

Pray for another member and let them know you are praying for them!

Connection Challenge (week of February 6)

Log into Realm and update your contact information.

One of the best ways RPC stays connected is by using the contact information the church has in its database, Realm. This week's connect challenge is about making sure your information is up to date and that you have logged into our system. Here is what we need from you: 

• If you have already logged into Realm, please log in at using your username and password and check to see if your contact information is accurate. 

• If you have not logged into Realm before, please visit and click “sign up” to create an account. Once you are logged in, click on your name (in the top right corner) and click on “my profile.” From there you will be able to view your contact information and manage your privacy settings. 

Please update your contact information and be sure your privacy settings are set to anyone. If you are not interested in using Realm at all, please call the church and we will help you confirm your contact information. 

Questions? Contact Emily Heeg via email at [email protected] or phone at 904-355-4585 ext. 15.

Connection Challenge (week of January 30)

Make a phone call to ________________________________.

(think of the name of the RPC member/visitor you will contact this week)

Challenge: (week of January 23)

I will send a card to ______________________________. 

(think of the name of the RPC Member / Visitor you could write a card to).