Set Your Clock to Advent Time

Riverside's Journey Through Advent

Counter to the culture of hurried distraction and spending on that which does not satisfy, the season of Advent is the church's gift of time: four weeks to reflect upon the ever-coming Christ. The Promised One comes anew

and those who take time to notice will not be the same. Join us as we take this journey together through Advent.


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  • Christmas Eve Services

    Sunday, December 24

    10:00 am      Sunday Morning Worship Service

                                   (No Sunday School)

    5:00 pm           Family Christmas Eve Worship Services

                                   (In this service, children can dress up like a character in the Christmas story and                                                       participate in the service. You can bring your own costume or the church can provide one)

    8:00 pm        Christmas Music for Meditation

    8:30 pm        Christmas Eve Service with Communion